The Peace That Psalm 23 Provides

Psalm 23

Image ©Sophie Ellis

1 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
2 He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters.
3 He restores my soul.
He leads me in paths of righteousness
for his name’s sake.
4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil,
for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
they comfort me.
5 You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies;
you anoint my head with oil;
my cup overflows.
6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
all the days of my life,
and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord
forever. ~ Psalm 23 (ESV)

My friends, my Brothers and Sisters-in-Christ, welcome to this week’s Prayers for the Week post.  Today we are taking a look at Psalm 23, a Psalm that traditionally is recited during funerals, but which is also a Psalm that, to me at least, brings Peace and Tranquility straight from the Mouth of God every time I read it.

The image at the top of this post was drawn by my wonderful, Godly daughter Sophie.  At 15 years old, she has already taught me more about God’s Love than I think I’ve ever known.  This particular drawing was done in her Freshman Art class last year, in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris, France.  She had told us that she was going to use that Art class to remind herself as much as possible about her Faith in God, and to share that Faith with her classmates and teachers through her work.

Since we started back up our Prayers for the Week posts, the overwhelming thing I want to leave with you all, in addition to our prayer requests, of course, is that incredible Peace that only God can provide to us.  What I want is for you to come to our site, even if it’s only for a simple 30 second post reading, and leave the site knowing the full beauty of God’s Peace upon your soul.  To me, there is no greater feeling in the world than that, and even if it’s only once a week that you experience that feeling, I hope that my posts convey God’s Peace to you each and every week.

This world is a crazy, messed up, world, full of evil and hatred, but also full of love and compassion.  Our prayer requests are indicative of the fallen status of this world.  Please read them carefully, pray for each one, and remember, if you have any requests, please include them in the comments, or email them to us at

Prayer Requests and Praises

  • First up is my friend Holly, who asks for a specific prayer request: My daughter Madison. For the last month she has been choking on her food…it has gotten progressively worse and more often to where now she will only drink liquids. We are on our way to her barium swallow test now. Then will have to see a gi dr to figure out what is going on. It is sad to see her so down and losing weight. Pray we get answers. Thank you!!
  • Also, my friend Heather has a request: I was in the ER last night. Have severe low potassium. Not fun and not sure what I have to do. So prayers for healing and guidance in doctors.
    • An update to Heather’s request.  Please continue praying! Asking for prayers, I have been to the ER Thursday night and this morning. I have severe vertigo and numbness and many other symptoms. I may possibly have Meniere’s Disease. Praying against this. I go back to work August 15 and I don’t have sick days or vacation days with my lovely job. Just need this to get under control before I go back to work. Thanks ahead of time for the prayers.
  • Continued prayers for my friend Sandra and her husband Scott.  Scott has started his treatments, and had surgery.  Here’s what Sandra wrote: Good morning!! Just want to give everyone an update on the hubs, it was a bit of a rough first night after surgery yesterday. He came down with a fever and has experienced a lot of pain. The fever is gone thank goodness. He is on an all liquid diet but really has no appetite. The largest pain point is his back hurting most likely from all the rearranging they did of his insides putting pressure on nerves and this “great” hospital bed! The staff and facility have been incredible. So wonderfully nice and sweet. The picture of him yesterday was really a good one of him walking but that was very tiring. He has walked four times which is about the best thing he can do. Everyone has been asking about what the future holds with cancer treatment. We have been told at this time to not get our heads wrapped around it as the process is a long one. His pathology report will come back not until next week, at which time they will determine further treatment. But if that is the road to take it would not happen for more than a month so he can properly heal. So at this time we will just get beyond the surgery and have him heal 100% before jumping ahead trying to tackle any other problems that may not be there. He will see an oncologist at any rate. My hubs is a strong, motivated and always focused person and he is working hard to get back to work and golf!! So keep the thoughts prayers and love coming!!! We love you all and are so blessed!! ‪#‎TeamDavis‬ ‪#‎FightCRC‬ ‪#‎GetAColonoscopy‬
  • Prayers for my Mom, Ellen, and my niece Stephanie, as they travel down to visit us from Virginia with Lindsay on Saturday. Thanks!
  • My friend Brian has a prayer request: Please pray for Leewyn ‘s dad who is in the hospital dealing with cancer.
  • My friend Maria has a prayer request as well: Ongoing illness and financial issues. Thanks so much.
  • Praises to our friends Sheila and Randy and Jagan for welcoming Sophie into their home over the past two weeks.  Thank you Sheila and Randy for inviting her, and for giving her the best vacation she ever could have imagined!
  • Prayers for my business, Tech Solutions NC, that it would see more customers calling, and increased activity.  Praises, also, though, for the opportunities I have had here, and for the customers that I have already been able to help.
  • Prayers for my friends and former co-workers at UNC-TV.  I have learned that some of them are facing what I was facing a year ago — the possibility of seeing their jobs outsourced to other companies, and their livelihood taken away from them.  Please pray for them, for their families, for their peace of mind, for strength, for guidance, and while you are at it, pray that the senior management at UNC-TV would wake up and realize that they are being stupidly self-centered and worried about nothing more than themselves and their jobs.  Pray that management would recognize this and change their minds before more people lose their jobs unnecessarily.
  • Lastly, unspoken prayer requests are always on our thoughts and minds.  Please pray for anyone that has a request, no matter how small, but is afraid to voice it.  Pray that God would help them with their situation, and that they would turn to Him for guidance, direction, and most of all, Love.

Now, please pray with me:

Heavenly Father, we come to You each week as we always do — broken, contrite, full of worry and anxiety, and in need of Your Calming Touch, Your Healing Hands, Your Grace, and Your Forgiveness.

We know that You have heard our prayers, and we know that You will answer them; of that we are certain.  Lord, we pray that Your answer will be the answer that we are looking for, the answer that we hope for with all of our hearts.  We hope that Your answer to our prayers is that we turn closer to You each and every day.  Our requests are human requests, requests that we have to survive in this fallen world.  In reality, though, what we really request out of these prayer requests is a closer kinship with You, Lord.  We wish to know You better, and to know what true Peace is, the Peace that only You provide.

Lord, we love You, and thank You for all that You give to us each and every day.  We treasure the opportunities You have given us to walk with You, and we thank You for taking care of us, Your people.  Lord, we ask that Your Will be done in all things, in the name of Your Wonderful Son, Jesus.



3 thoughts on “The Peace That Psalm 23 Provides

  1. Hi Mike! I would really appreciate prayers for my younger brother, Michael. He has experienced chest pain throughout the last week, and the doctor found that the muscles around his heart have weakened. He has been referred to a cardiologist, so hopefully we’ll know more soon. Also, please pray for strength for my mom. My brother is mentally handicapped and has a hard time understanding all that’s happening. My mom is doing her best, but I can tell she’s struggling emotionally. Thank you, Mike!!

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    • We will gladly lift up your brother and Mom to God in Prayer. Thank you for leaving a comment. I’ll include this for this upcoming prayer post, and will pray for God’s Healing Touch, His Peace, Comfort, Strength, and Love to descend upon all of you.



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